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N.B: Accounts with fake credentials will be banned from using the site. Use your original credentials to join the site and in case your account gets blocked, contact Notre Dame Information Technology Club authority to get back your access.

Categories and Posting basics

There are already some predefined categories set, you can select any of them and post your article\s about that topic. After posting, your article\s will be sent to the admins and moderators for review. If your post gets approval, it will be published and visible to all. You can also select a category to view all the posts on that particular topic. You can use the category “Forum” for posting any questions or feedbacks.

You may find the inbuilt text editor just below the menubar. You can edit your post here. This site supports Markdown syntax and LaTeX for better writing experience. You can also see a preview of your post by clicking the “Show preview” button. At the end, just click the button “Create Topic” to send your post for review.

User roles


  1. – Can create new Thread (but cannot publish if [Pending Post] function is enabled in back-end)
  2. – Follow Thread
  3. – View, reply and like Thread and Reply
  4. – Edit, delete Thread and Reply which posted by themselves
  5. – Report Thread, Reply to Administrator, Moderator
  6. – Edit their profile.


  1. – Can publish pending Thread
  2. – Edit, delete all Threads, Reply in front-end
  3. – Close Thread
  4. – Access to all Subscriber’s features


  • Has access to all administrative options and features (in back-end and front-end)

User Profile

You can visit your profile by clicking on your username on the top right corner of the screen. You can also edit your profile by clicking on “Edit Profile” button. You can visit others profile by clicking on their thumbnail or by following direct links to their profile.

Notification bell

You may find a green bell icon on the bottom left corner of your screen after logging in. You can see recent notifications, announcements or updates about club and other purposes.

Top users

Top users are updated automatically based on users activities and contributions to the community.  


Developed by- Chowdhury Isfatul Karim

Special thanks- Dr. Fr. Hemanto Pius Rozario CSC, Saikat Lawrence Rozario, Intiser Rajoan Parash